Escape to the country with Al Buraq Club, for a spa+fitness themed equestrian break.


Our selection of scenic getaways offer perfect settings for an adventurous trot and canter! 






Unwind in a feminine environment with relaxing spa and leisure facilities... explore the countryside... make new friends... and saddle up for a fun-packed range of equine activities! Non riders and riders of all levels are welcome, even complete beginners. 

Throughout your stay at every one of our breaks, you will have the option of engaging in the following main activities:

- equestrian activities
- spa & beauty treatments   
- group fitness & games sessions  



- women only
- luxurious accommodation
- meals: breakfast, lunch, 2 course dinner (halal)
- fitness & games: group games sessions, pool sports sessions, workout sessions
- free use of private onsite spa & fitness facilities: gym, hot tub, pool, sauna, steam room, tennis court*      


Exclusive Offers  

The following features are not included in our packages; they will incur additional charges:    

- creche & childcare service** 
- spa & beauty treatments: facials, massages, nail and wax treatments etc   
- equestrian activities: beach rides, carriages rides, equine workshops, forest/woodland rides, lake rides etc***  


Please note:  

*Spa and fitness activities/facilities are subject to availability.
**The creche/childcare service is subject to availability.
***All equestrian activities are subject to availability.