Take a look at the different types of equestrian activities we offer.




Beginners - Advanced Riding Lessons

Learn how to ride with us and move from complete beginner to advanced rider. Our excellent facilities include indoor and outdoor arenas and you will learn to ride on our well - schooled horses with expert tuition from our instructors, approved by the British Horse Society. Once you learn to ride fluidly, you can join in on any of our club events, games and competitions!


Carriage Driving & Riding

Have a go at carriage driving, whether you are a total beginner or a novice, we cater for all. This is a sport/hobby the whole family can enjoy whatever your driving ambition; just a ride down the road for pleasure, showing or other forms of competitive driving. 


Cross Country 

Cross country sessions are aimed at riders who are competent at cantering, jumping and going a little bit faster! The cross country jumps vary in size and are all optional, so there is a challenge to suit all. The course is geared to suit riding clubs and pony clubs, as well as those of you who prefer to practice on your own.   



We host dressage lessons for novice riders and above. Take part in this discipline to train yourself and your favourite horse in performing sophisticated movements, sometimes referred to as "Horse Ballet." Alternatively, you can start by watching our club sessions before you begin training.



Our hacking is the ideal day out for children, families and adults and you do not need any previous riding experience. You will learn the basics of riding: how to mount the horse, holding the reins, halting, steering and walking. If you are a beginner, you will begin your hack on a led route with our professionally trained riding instructors, passing through beautiful scenic views where you can settle for a while for a picnic. It is a good opportunity to try something new, relax on horseback or as an introduction to horse riding. 


Show Jumping

Come and train in show jumping at any of our venues. If you have reached an intermediate/advanced level, show jumping could be the next accomplishment to pursue in horsemanship. 


Side Saddle 

Rarely practiced today, side saddle riding with it's unique saddle will teach you how to ride a horse aside rather than astride. Side saddling dates back to antiquity and developed in European countries as a way for women in skirts to ride a horse in a modest fashion while also wearing fine clothing.    



For those who would like to acquire more insight about the upkeep of the equestrian life, we have different workshops available such as: horse care and grooming/tacking, horse sense and handling, stable management, or road riding safety.