Please read through our code of conduct before attending the retreat.



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- flush only tissue down the toilets
- keep entrance gates closed at all times
- maintain cleanliness of toilets/bathrooms
- no walking around the house with shoes on
- eating and drinking is restricted to the dining areas
- no noisy gatherings on the bedroom floors after 12am
- no moving of furniture/decor or sticking things up on walls
- put your clothes away after washing & drying them in the utility room
- no sitting on the furniture with wet clothes & no wet clothes on carpets/floors
- all entrance doors are locked by 12am, so guests should be back at the property before then



- do not behave aggressively when engaging in activities
- listen carefully to and comply with health and safety instructions  
- put sports equipment back in their respective places once you have finished using them
- ensure you arrive on time for scheduled activities, failure to do so may result in you being left behind/missing out


- children under 10 should not be outdoors unsupervised
- children playing with craft materials/toys are restricted to the creche/playroom



- Women only sessions are strictly for females only
- Men are not allowed to watch women only sessions or enter women only areas



- speak English when among other guests 
- respect other guests and members of staff 
- avoid discussing/debating the following topics: nationalism, politics, religion 
- arguments between guests should be reported to members of staff (do not participate)



- please cover the hot tub after using it  
- children must wear swim nappies when in the pool
- in winter months, keep the doors of the pool house closed at all times 
- do not push anyone in the swimming pool (they may not be able to swim in the deep end) 
- clean up after yourself in the spa complex (your apparel/toiletries/towels should not be left lying around) 
- children under 10 are not allowed in the spa complex unsupervised and cannot use the hot tub, sauna or steam room  


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