We welcome all women to our club whatever their interest in equestrianism and riding ability.


There are benefits for our members; many of them exclusive. Please find details of membership benefits below.






As a new rider, you are entitled to a one hour taster session before committing to our regular lessons. The session must be paid for one week in advance. If after the taster, you decide you want to continue riding with our club, you will be required to join as an official member by paying for your courses or membership fees three months in advance, (per term). Once you become a member, you can ride regularly at our venues in a women only environment, ride in a group for a reduced fee and gain access to our other membership benefits.


- Spring term: March - May

- Summer term: June - August

- Autumn term: September - November

- Winter term: December - February



- Platinum members ride once a week (course of 12 lessons per term)

- Gold members ride once a fortnight (course of 6 lessons per term)

- Silver members ride flexibly once a week (12 lessons per term)

- Bronze members ride flexibly once a fortnight (6 lessons per term)


Course Lessons

If you want to ride in structured lessons, you can join our courses and ride once a week as a platinum member or once every two weeks as a gold member. You will join a course with a group of riders that are of the same riding level as you. At the end of each course, you will have an assessment day and receive a certificate to certify your riding achievements. 


Casual Lessons

If you want to pay as you ride on flexible terms, you can join our casual lessons and ride once a week as a silver member or once every two weeks as a bronze member. Riders in the casual lessons are of mixed ability and so progress at different stages. Flexible riders do not receive certificates unless they join a course.



Due to the agreements made with our venues, Al Buraq Club has a strict attendance policy. If you exceed your absence limits, you will be asked to leave the club so someone else who is more committed can take your place. A team leader will keep track of everyone's attendance. 

- Platinum members must attend a minimum of 9 out of 12 lessons per term

- Gold members must attend a minimum of 4 out of 6 lessons per term

- Silver members must attend a minimum of 10 out of 12 lessons per term    

- Bronze members must attend a minimum of 5 out of 6 lessons per term 


Membership Benefits - The Riding Scene

- Full privacy while riding in our women - only sessions (no men can see you riding)

- Expertise from our highly experienced BHS approved trainers

- Meet fun people to ride with so you can ride for less

- Discounts on professional training

- Free use of helmets and boots


Membership Benefits - The Social Scene

- Equestrian competitions with fabulous prizes to be won

- Social & seasonal events throughout the year

- A friendly group of equestrian activities

- Discounted retreat fees

- Meetup evenings