We welcome all women to our club whatever their interest in equestrianism and riding ability.


Please find details of membership benefits below.





Lesson Members

If you want to ride regularly in a structured format, you can join our lessons and ride once a week as a gold member, once a fortnight as a silver member or once a month as a bronze member. You will join a group according to your riding ability. For each riding course, your group will be set goals by your riding instructor. When you all achieve a milestone, an assessment day will be arranged after which you will be awarded a certificate to certify your riding progress. 


Outing Members

If you would prefer a combination of equestrian activities, you can sign up to our outings and ride for leisure as and when you want or ride a course of sessions once a month. Riders on an outings - course will also receive a certificate upon completion of their course.   

Membership Benefits - The Riding Scene

- Full privacy while riding in our women - only sessions (no men can see you riding)

- Expertise from our highly experienced BHS approved trainers

- Meet fun people to ride with so you can ride for less

- Discounts on professional training 


Membership Benefits - The Social Scene

- Equestrian competitions with fabulous prizes to be won

- A friendly group of equestrian activities

- Discounted retreat fees

- Members Meetups