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"I came along to Al Buraq Club's retreat and it was one of the best experiences I've had. So much peace, nature and beauty (along with luxury)! It also helped massively that the manager being the lovely person that she is, made sure everyone was happy, comfortable and felt accommodated. Us women carry the world and troubles of those around us in our hands, so a peaceful break every now and then is very much needed! Much love and blessings." (Safa Mohamed)


"I recently attended the retreat and I had a fantastic time with my girls, despite the rain. The place was beautiful, we met nice people and we enjoyed fresh delicious food too. It was a great and rejuvenating getaway in a safe environment with other ladies. We would definitely attend another retreat." (Razia Sheikh)


"The Al Buraq Club is a wonderful idea and I have participated in one retreat so far but intend to join more. It was very well organised and I received the exact accommodation according to my difficult requirements. The food was excellent too, so were the activities." (Sheila Boukhemia) 


"My friend and I didn't quite know what to expect when we went on this retreat... it was absolutely amazing! Great hospitality and fabulous people. Everyone was really welcoming and the food was delicious. I am definitely looking forward to going on another retreat." (Fosiya Ali)


"The Al Buraq Horse Riding and Spa Retreat was fantastic and is the first of it's kind. It is rare that you get to let your hair down and not have to worry about hijaab in an all-female environment, and to top it off, we stayed in a beautiful mansion with ample space for walking, games and relaxation. I can't pinpoint my favourite part: the indoor swimming pool, the scenic landscape, waking up to the sounds of nature, the professional massage therapists or the amazing level of attention and detail the manager and her staff paid to each and every guest. I am incredibly impressed with Al Buraq Club and would unequivocally recommend it to anyone looking for some TLC within the UK. I can't wait for my next retreat." (Faridah Bello)


"We enjoyed the Al Buraq Retreat this August 2017. The emotionally intelligent staff made the stay lovely. I am particularly happy with the chef's catering for our dietary requirements and ability to respond to feedback. We are still practicing routines we built at the retreat - a testimony to it's success! Thank you to the manager and team for a wonderfully healing experience." (Halima Bello)