Indonesia Adventure: Lombok


Lombok Group Holiday: £899 Per Person

Lombok Private Holiday: £999 Per Person


Group Dates

- Group holiday with Al Buraq Club: 8th - 15th October 2019, Tuesday - Tuesday, 8 days & 8 nights


Private Dates

- Private holiday without Al Buraq Club: book anytime within April - October


All - Inclusive Package

- 4 Star accommodation

- Daily meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner)

- Rides: cycling ride, elephant ride & horse ride

- Sightseeing tours & sporty outdoor adventures



- Day 1: arrive at Lombok

- Day 2: Sendang Gile waterfall tour

- Day 3: elephant bonding & ride

- Day 4: watersports day - parasailing & banana boating 

- Day 5: countryside cycling ride

- Day 6: pink beach & snorkelling tour

- Day 7: rice terrace tour

- Day 8: 5 hour horseback village ride, hilltop trek, beach ride (including horseback swimming)

- Day 9: depart from Lombok


Please Note

- Flights are not included in the package

- The accommodation will be confirmed 3 months before the event

- We advise not to delay booking your flights to avoid rising flight prices


Sendang Gile Waterfall Tour

Tucked away in the village of Senaru in the island's northern Lombok Utara regency are two of Lombok's finest and most popular cascades, Sendang Gile, located on the foot of the majestic Mount Rinjani.

It only takes 15 minutes on  foot from the entrance to view the marvelous Sendang Gile waterfall. The clear path to the waterfall passes through a lush protected rain forest filled with towering tropical trees.

Once you get there, you can enjoy the sight of the water crushing the rocks or swim in its cool crisp pool!


Elephant Bonding & Ride

Get up close and personal... experience the thrill of meeting these gentle creatures. A bond is formed through light touching, caressing and petting on their trunk. A beautiful harmonious interaction between humans and animals that is invaluable.

Join our experienced staffs' daily activity in feeding the elephants. You will take part in feeding them from fruit baskets while learning about their daily diet.

A mud spa and bath with elephants are a perfect way to show them we truly love them. This experience is not only fun for the elephants but is also a good way to keep their skin healthy. So, we're calling all animal lovers to jump in and get stuck in the mud with these beautiful creatures... and have a remarkable day you'll never forget!

Finish the day with a gentle and bareback 15-20 minute elephant ride. Get high up and make your way around while atop a friendly giant with a cute trunk!!

Tour highlights:

- elephant feeding

- elephant spa/mud bath

- elephant ride

Parasailing & Banana Boating

Lombok parasailing is a truly unique experience where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the exhileration of free flight of up to 400 feet in the air whilst you admire the stunning views of Gili Islands and the surrounding area.

Launching from the flight deck of our 26 foot, purpose-built parasail vessel, you will enjoy approximately 12 minutes of flight time as you soar through the air like a bird. You will take off and land directly from the boat, so no water contact is necessary and no previous experience is required. 

Banana boating is one of the number one activities on the beach. We just have one question for you... do you water-ride fast and furious?


Countryside Cycling Ride

The tour begins with a visit to Perama Ning Puspa... after a short tour around a botanical garden get ready to hop-on the bikes and ready to ride!

Ride along the river banks before entering the dirt track in the Suranadi dense forest. Pass by the local village and beautiful rice terrace as we head to a refreshing waterfall.

After the break, cycle up to the hills to spectate on the panorama of Suranadi's natural surroundings. Later, make a quick stop at one of the members of Suranadi Tourism Forum to see what Perama and the community is doing to push the development of Suranadi village.

The trip will end in Perama Ning Puspa. Indulge yourself with a delicious home cooked Indonesian lunch, then return to your hotel with an unforgettable trip!

Tour highlights:

- discovering a lush jungle and beautiful rice fields

- explore through a traditional Lombok village

- refresh yourself in an amazing waterfall

- visit a botanical garden

- delicious home cooked Indonesian lunch


Pink Beach & Snorkelling Tour

Departure to Tanjung Luar Harbor by means of a local boat nearby. We will cross over to visit Gili Pasir; a small island full of sand and star fish. You can swim for a while and take those selfies! The secluded beach feels like a private island in the ocean.

Our journey will continue onto Gili Petelu, a pink beach island!!! This place is ideal for snorkeling and feeding fish. We will later have a lunch on the beach with a sea food menu... and continue to explore the last spot of snorkeling at Segui beach and turn back to Tanjung Luar Harbor. Afterwards, we will pass by Perama and drive to Senggigi/Mataram.


Rice Terrace Tour

This rice field walk is a good workout and a sensation when you behold the rice terrace fields! We will meet and greet with local farmers working in traditional markets... and will be presented with an amazing view of extraordinary green terraced rice fields; a place where you will enjoy the fresh air and unique views. You will rest in a traditional wooden/bamboo Berugak while exhaling your tired daily routine into the natural world of Lombok.

Tour highlights:

- traditional morning market

- the oldest Lingsar temple

- scenic views throughout your exercise


5 Hour Sightseeing Horseback Ride

Experience a marvelous day of horse trekking. Starting around 7am to reach (by car) the beach of Tanjung Aan, famous for its beautiful turquoise waters and fine white sand... there, we will explore the various small bays with crystal clear waters, separated by green hills to arrive in traditional fishing villages of Ebuak, Sewak, etc, that are rarely visited by tourists. This leg of the tour will last about 2.5 hours.

We will return to the beach and take advantage of the water during the hot hours for swimming and lunch in the shade of coconut trees.. and take a nap, if needed. You will also have the opportunity to snorkel down to the bottom of the bay and discover a small corner where turtles live! At the end of the afternoon, we will reach the beach of Serenting by climbing a rocky point with breathtaking views on the two bays (Kuta and Tanjung Aan). This leg of the tour will last about 2.5 hours.