Things to do before the holiday and what to bring along...






- Sort out visa, if required

- Get vaccinated, if needed

- Print your airport itineraries

- Apply for travel insurance, if you feel necessary  

- Ensure your home will be safe & secure whilst you are away

- Organise how you will make your way to & from the UK airport


- Passport

- Spending money

- Camera &/ binoculars

- Padlock for your suitcase

- Compass & map of country

- Clothing for muddy/wet activities

- Any medication &/ drugs for allergies 

- Apparel suitable for outdoor activities

- Toiletries (including sun protection lotion) 

- Riding gloves (if you have sensitive hands)

- Ankle boots with a small block heel for riding activities

- Rain &/ sun protection clothing (beach kaftan, burkini, face sun-mask, hat, raincoat, wellington boots etc)